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Sandra Sabourin

Lawyer mediator

With over fourteen years of experience as an attorney in family litigation, Sandra Sabourin is intimately familiar with the legal system, and the emotional and financial toll it can take on families. She is also familiar with what happens when life altering decisions are removed from parents and placed in the hands of an overtaxed court system.

This insider’s knowledge of the legal system is the very reason Ms. Sabourin chose to practice law in a different way - as a mediator. An experienced and effective attorney, Ms. Sabourin now uses her considerable negotiating skills to help foster effective dialogue leading to conflict resolution outside the courtroom through mediation. Ms. Sabourin believes that litigation should be the last resort, not the first.

As a member of the Quebec Bar as well as the Association of Quebec Mediators, Ms. Sabourin provides an exceptional contribution to the community of the Laurentians and the firm of VSB Notaires. Her skill in defusing tense situations assists parents in making educated, non-emotional and tailored decisions about their children and their family.

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